Report on integrity in research released by National Academies

An update of a 1992 report on ensuring the integrity research has been released by The National Academies Press. The new report—Fostering Integrity in Research—aims to uphold the integrity of research by all participants to ensure that the research enterprise advances knowledge.
Biomedical Engineering Society member Robert Nerem chaired the committee that produced the report.

According to the study, scientific study is not limited to the researchers conducting work.

“The research enterprise is a complex system that includes universities and other research institutions that educate, employ, and train researchers; the federal, foundation, and industrial sponsors of research; science, engineering, technology, and medical journal and book publishers; and scientific societies. These organizations can act in ways that either support or undermine the integrity of research.”

It goes on to say recent evidence suggests, “failing to define and respond strongly to research misconduct and detrimental research practices constitutes a significant threat to the research enterprise.”

In an NPR report about the study, Nerem said the report his group produced was not an update of the 1992 effort, but a brand new look at how to ensure integrity in research.

CLICK HERE for the report.

CLICK HERE for the NPR report.