U of Minnesota research focused on stopping the spread of cancer cells

Research at the University of Minnesota could impact how millions of people, fighting cancer, get treatment, according to an article by the local NBC affiliate.
The research is focused on stopping how cancer spreads beyond an initial tumor, and it's already showing promise in stopping breast cancer cells, according to the article.

To understand the work that the Biomedical Engineering team is doing for the Masonic Cancer Center, Associate Professor  and BMES member Paolo Provenzano says it's helpful to think of a tumor as a road map to understand the research his team is conducting.

"There are certain architectures or pathways in tumors, much like a highway network," Provenzano said in the KARE-11 article. "Cancer cells utilize it to move around and ultimately leave the tumor and spread throughout the body."
To stop the spread, Paolo Provenzano and his colleagues, first had to check under the hood, to find out what made the cancer cells go.

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