CMBE meeting features fast-paced talks on research that could one day help treat cancer, inflammatory diseases and many other ailments

The first day of the BMES Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering got off to a fast start with informative talks about research that could one day help alleviate some of the most vexing health issues including cancers, inflammatory conditions and much more.
Speakers ranged from the most senior researchers to those in the early stages of their careers. Andres Garcia, Georgia Tech, kicked off the day with a talk about synthetic extracellular matrices for organoid technologies. Claudia Fischbach-Teschl, Cornell University, continued the morning with a talk about engineering considerations for studies of breast cancer bone metastasis. Followed by Anjelica Gonzalez, Yale University, who presented her research on engineering a microenvironment of microvascular inflammatory and fibrotic disease.

A series of Shooting Star and Rising Star 20 minutes talks filled out the morning. Topics included muscle regeneration, mitochondrial function in cardiac myocytes, cancer cell migration in microenvironments and much more.

A mid-morning poster viewing session gave attendees the opportunity to view more CMBE research.

The packed day concluded with a water-side reception on the banks of San Diego Bay.

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