Duke Engineering Design Pod gives engineering students opportunity to learn the design process

A program at Duke University that provides engineering students with practical design experiences is now requirement for engineering students.
The Pratt School of Engineering's First-Year Design Experience was developed to immediately provide incoming engineering students with practical design experience, according to the university.

The course is co-led by Ann Saterbak, the winner of the Theo C. Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award from the Biomedical Engineering Division of the American Society for Engineering Education and professor of the practice in biomedical engineering, and Sophia Santillan, an assistant professor of the practice in mechanical engineering and materials science. Saterbak is a BMES member.  

“There's a real opportunity at Duke to affect engineering on a wide scale with a first-year experience applicable to all engineering students,” Saterbak said in a university article. “Engineering schools for a long time have introduced design concepts with wooden-stick bridge projects and the like. What's been missing is the client, and understanding how an engineer works to solve real problems for a real person or organization.”

In the new 5,000-square-foot Duke Engineering Design Pod, first-year engineering students have an opportunity to practice using 3D printers, power drills, laser cutters and other tools while acquainting themselves with the design process––from prototyping to finalpresentations.

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