BMES Congratulates the 2018 Travel Award Winners

Congratulations to all the 2018 BMES Career Development Award, BMES-NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) Student Travel Award, and BMES Student Travel Award winners. These awards assist with travel to attend the BMES Annual Meeting and primarily support major goals of the Annual Meeting and mission of BMES to broaden the inclusion of underserved and underrepresented communities at undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels, as well as junior faculty and career professionals, who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in the meeting.
The BMES Career Development Awards and BMES-NSBE Student Travel Awards are supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1824361 and by the National Institutes of Health – NIBIB, NICHD, NINDS, and NIAMS under Grant No. 1R13EB026960.
BMES Career Development Awards
Isaac Adjeiq, University of Florida
Ghuncha Ambrin, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Marcos Barcellona, Washington University in St. Louis
Evans Bernardin, University of South Florida
Leslie Chan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Si (Stacie) Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Nathan Cho, University of Southern California
Renee Cottle, Clemson University
Anna Colleen Crouch, University of Michigan
Priscilla Do, Emory University
Morgan Elliott, Johns Hopkins University
Meghan Ferrall-Fairbanks, Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute
Emily Gosselin, University of Maryland - College Park
Kelsey Gray, University of Maryland
Hannah Grover, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College
Zeinab Hajjarian, Massachusetts General Hospital
Jamila Hedhli, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Cherice Hughes-Oliver, Virginia Tech
Kalana Jayawardana, Vanderbilt University
Anjana Jeyaram, University of Maryland, College Park
Franck Kamga Gninzeko, Virginia Commonwealth University
Keely Keller, University of Delaware
Chafica Kesserwan, Wayne State University
Ahyeon Koh, SUNY Binghamton University
Patrick Link, Virginia Commonwealth University
Davi Lyra-Leite, University of Southern California
Kevin McHugh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alexa Melvin, University of Louisville
Marcela Mireles Ramirez, Rochester Inst of Technology & Univ of Rochester
Olivia Ngo, Drexel University
Laura Osorno, Rowan University
Jude Phillip, Weill Cornell Medicine
Faisal Reza, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Evelia Salinas, University of California-Irvine
Shier Nee Saw, National University of Singapore
Sejin Son, University of Michigan
Ishita Tandon, University of Arkansas
Jennifer Wilson, Stanford University
Joycelyn Yip, University of Southern California
Bethany Young, Virginia Commonwealth University
Rana Zakerzadeh, University of Texas at Austin
Zhenjiang Zhang, Vanderbilt University
Alexis Ziemba, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
BMES-NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) Student Travel Awards
Busola Alabi, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Ashlee Colbert, Purdue University
Olufunto Faweya, Rice University
Korie Grayson, Vanderbilt University
Candace Grisham, Vanderbilt University
Demba Kah, University of Miami
Jordan Langston, Temple University
Danielle McLaurin, Mississippi State University
LaDeidra Monet Roberts, Cornell University
Michael Sutton, Columbia University
Kyle Thomas, Washington University in St. Louis
BMES Student Travel Awards
Alaa Abdelgawad, University of Arkansas
Dahlia Alkekhia, Brown University
Shelby Bess, University of Arkansas
Andrea Cancino, Illinois Institute of Technology
Jesse Fine, Texas A&M University & The Ohio State University
Estee George, The University of Akron
Jordan Harrod, Cornell University
Erika Kasen, Trine University
Siavash Mazdeyasna, University of Kentucky
Melissa Mendoza, Binghamton University
Jenna Mosier, Mississippi State University
Bryan Nerger, Princeton University
Katherine Nguyen, University of California, San Diego
Michael Nguyen-Truong, Colorado State University
Thea Ornstein, University of Maryland College Park, Fischell Department of Engineering
Jitendra Pant, University of Georgia
Divya Patel, University of Maryland, College Park
Diana Philip, The University of Akron
Sarah Snyder, Cornell University
Connor Virgile, University of Rochester
Reo Yoo, University of California, San Diego