BMES President Message: Statement On Immigration Executive Order

The Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) serves as the professional home for biomedical engineering and bioengineering worldwide. Since its founding in 1968, internationally born and globally educated scientists and engineers have been interwoven into the fabric of biomedical research and innovation in the USA. Contributions from internationally-born bioengineers at US institutions and corporations has literally transformed the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and scores of other ailments that impact patients daily.
We stand with biomedical engineers and researchers of the world in opposing President Trump's Executive Order (EO) proposing a 90-day suspension of visas to the USA and other immigration benefits to seven named nations. We believe the EO is detrimental to our societal mission to increase the global biomedical engineering workforce, to grow new industries from biomedical engineering innovation, and to increase global access to technologies that improve human health. The implementation of this EO will create desperate divisions in our learning and work communities, and disrupt our more than 50 years of steady economic and educational gains in the USA. This EO will also restrict scientific and research communication across international borders, and damage US leadership in biomedical engineering education and research.

BMES members can advocate for policies that support biomedical engineering research and innovation in the USA at the AIMBE Engage feature of our affiliate, AIMBE ( We stand with our biomedical engineering community of scholars, students and professionals in urging the President to rescind this Executive Order.

Lori Setton
President Biomedical Engineering Society