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WPI's Billiar to investigate link between cell death, calcification and heart valve disease

Worcester Polytechnic Institute researcher and BMES Fellow Kristen Billiar has been awarded a $154,000 grant from the American Heart Association to determine how cell death leads to calcium deposits in heart tissue that cause aortic valves to fail, the university announced.

University of Buffalo spinoff company wins contract to develop HIV vaccine

A University at Buffalo spinoff company has received a $600,000 contract from the National Institutes of Health to pursue development of a vaccine against HIV, the university announced.

U of Arkansas research looks to catch tumors earlier

University of Arkansas researchers recently won a $145,000 award from the Department of Defense to study whether metabolic changes in tissue could give clues to where tumors might form, the university reports.

VCU researchers examine what makes a healthy cell stable

A team of researchers led by Virginia Commonwealth University College of Engineering and the University of Florida has found a possible mechanical explanation for how cell structure and tissue can be disrupted, VCU reports. The findings could provide clues into what happens in diseases such as cancer.

SAVE THE DATE: Call for BMES Coulter College team applications opens in February

BMES Coulter College is a training program focused on translation of biomedical innovations that is funded through a grant from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation. The program will take place August 6-9, 2020 at Medtronic in Minneapolis, MN. This is the third year BMES has partnered with Medtronic to host the program at their facilities in Minnesota. 

BMES now accepting 2020 Annual Meeting special session submission requests

The 2020 BMES Annual Meeting special session request for submissions is now open. Any BMES Member, Committee or Special Interest Group (SIG) interested in organizing a Special Session (panel, workshop or symposium) at the 2020 BMES Annual Meeting in San Diego must submit a special session request form for consideration by Friday, February 21, 2020.

Improved brain chip for precision medicine developed at U of Houston

The Akay Lab biomedical research team at the University of Houston has improved on a microfluidic brain cancer chip previously developed in their lab, the university reports. The new chip allows multiple-simultaneous drug administration, and a massive parallel testing of drug response for patients with glioblastoma, the most common malignant brain tumor.

Boston U researchers create sustainable adhesive that is biodegradable and made of natural components

Boston University researchers have created an alternative adhesive formula that is biodegradable and easily adapts to suit a wide range of industrial and medical applications that benefit from sticky materials, the university reports

CMBE 2020 features educational outreach, high-level talks and prestigious awards

The New Year kicked off with another successful Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Conference, organized by BMES’ first special interest group CMBE.

Northwestern researchers find disorderly DNA helps cancer cells evade treatment, discovery could help create new therapeutics

A new Northwestern University study has discovered that the packing of the three-dimensional genome structure, called chromatin, controls how cells respond to stress, the university announced.
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