2023 BMES CMBE Conference

Meeting Theme: Cell State Transitions in Development, Disease, and Regeneration

Important Dates and Deadlines Invited & Keynote Speakers
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2023 BMES CMBE Conference

January 2-6, 2023

"Cell State Transitions in Development, Disease, and Regeneration"

This year's theme is intended to disseminate and integrate new advances in mechanobiology, developmental biology, single-cell technologies, bioimaging, and synthetic biology, with the ultimate goal of engineering better biological systems to transform our understanding of the rule of life, as well as translating discoveries in ways that ultimately benefit human health.  Recently, many new advances have been achieved in these areas, allowing us to develop integrative approaches in understanding cell state transitions in development, disease, and regeneration.  Within this central theme, investigators from diverse fields will come together in one room to exchange ideas and brainstorm new integrative strategies for pushing this field forward. 

Program Highlights

  • Cell state transitions and cell competition in the development and diseases
  • New technologies and approaches for probing and perturbing cell states
  • Developmental biomechanics
  • Developmental bioengineering
  • Links between biophysical and biochemical states
  • Transcriptional noise in regulating cell states 
  • Invited & Keynote Speakers

Conference Highlights

  • Shu Chien Achievement Award Presentation
  • Christopher Jacobs Award for Excellence in Leadership Presentation
  • Momentum Award Presentation
  • Rising Star Podium Sessions for Principal Investigators
  • Short Talks for Student/Fellow Abstracts
  • Poster Sessions for Latest Research
  • Mentoring Lunch
  • Lunch with Leaders

Invited Speakers
Beth Pruitt (UCSB) Denise Montell (MCDB, UCSB)
Val Weaver (UCSF) Tim Downing (UCI)
Rong Fan (Yale) Todd McDevitt (UCSF/Gladstone/Sana Biotech.)
Sharon Gerecht (Duke) David Odde (Univ. Minnesota)
Pam Kreeger (UW-Madison)
- -
Keynote Speakers
Gaudenz Danuser (UT Southwestern) David Schaffer (UC Berkeley)
Leor Weinberger (UCSF/Gladstone) Claudia Fischbach (Cornell)

Conference Chairs

Stephanie I. Fraley, Ph.D.

Jianping Fu, Ph.D.

Dennis E. Discher, Ph.D. 
University of California San Diego

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

University of Pennsylvania