2022 CMBE Conference

Conference Theme

The 2022 CMBE Conference theme is “Lighting and Leading the Way: Molecular Tools in Multicellular Systems.’’ 

Transformative discoveries are being enabled by the simultaneous development of molecular-scale sensors and actuators as well as physiologically-relevant and controllable tissue models. A current challenge is how to integrate these new discoveries and technologies across scales and systems to better mimic and understand developmental, regenerative, and pathological processes. Input from scientists, engineers, clinicians, and industry partners is required to leverage new tools and biological insights to create product prototypes and eventual clinical translation. 

This conference will feature established and emerging leaders, who have performed the most innovative research, effectively integrated the frontiers in engineering and biology, and built a strong connection with translating research for diagnostics and/or therapies. The program will focus on how novel and advanced CMBE techniques and model systems are applied to the research of various physiological systems and diseases, with focus sessions on cancer and immunoengineering.

Program Topics

  • Creation and Use of Molecular Biosensors and Actuators
  • Image-based Profiling of Multicellular Systems
  • Human Organoid Systems in Cancer
  • Stimulus-Responsive Biomaterials, Cells, and Organoids
  • Cellular Decision Making in Multicellular Systems
  • Immunoengineering Across Scales

Conference Highlights

Conference Chairs

Brenton Hoffman, PhD
Duke University
Penney Gilbert, PhD
University of Toronto
Wendy Liu, PhD
University of California, Irvine

The Hyatt Regency Indian Wells (inclusive of meeting space) is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and has established arrangements with local licensed, bonded, insured, and CPR-trained childcare providers for a modest fee, which will be noted on the conference website.