2019-2020 BMES - Medtronic Student Design Competition Finalists

This year has introduced many new complications due to COVID-19, including how best to host the design competition in a virtual setting. BMES has concluded that in order to best adjust to a virtual presentation format, 10 finalists will be selected from the group of submitted projects. 

The ten projects that have been invited to the BMES 2020 Virtual Meeting are; 

  • Smart and Connected Stent
  • MITS Patch
  • NeuroTrak
  • UltraVision
  • Cardiovascular Conquerors
  • ViveSense
  • NERV Proposal
  • TMAP 
  • Pediatric Myoelectric Upper-Limb Prostheses
  • Single Dual Lumen
These projects will be available for viewing the entire duration of the 2020 Virtual Meeting but there will be a special four-hour time block where the designers will be available for Q&A; during this time the judges will review the projects and select the three 2019-2020 winners.

This year's design competition prize package is:
1st Place will be awarded $3,000
2nd Place will be awarded $1,750
3rd Place will be awarded $1,000

In addition, all three teams will be invited to present their design to a group of Medtronic researchers whose area of expertise relates to that team's field of design.