Complete list of BMES Fellows

BMES is accepting Applications for Fellowship. 

The nomination criteria to be considered for Fellow Nomination are:

1. A minimum of 3 consecutive years as a BMES Member-level member immediately prior to nomination.

2.  5 or more years active participation as biomedical engineer in the private or public sectors. 
Note:  The five years active participation does not require continuous active participation.
3.  A demonstrable record of exceptional achievement and accomplishment in a specific field of interest within biomedical engineering.  The achievement and accomplishments can be in research, education, industry, public service, new technology or clinical practice.  Individuals making nomination recommendations would be expected to propose a citation summarizing these points in a statement of 30 words or less.

4. Letters of recommendation are not required but may be submitted (max 3).

Complete the Fellow Nomination Application. Submit the application along with a CV (max 10 pages) and letters of support (if any) to BMES Membership Director, Lisa Prandy at lisa@bmes.org.

To be considered for Fellowship with BMES, your completed application packet must be received no later than COB on 5/15/2017. Dates for 2017 submission will be posted next year. Ineligible or incomplete packets will not be reviewed. For more information, please contact BMES Membership Director, Lisa Prandy at lisa@bmes.org.