Do you have an academic position open?  Then this event is for you!  Only faculty registered for the BMES Annual Meeting and with business cards or credentials to show that they are recruiting will be admitted to meet with the candidates.

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The "Meet-the-Faculty Candidate" poster session will be held on Wednesday October 5, 2016 from 3:30-5:30 pm and will provide a great opportunity for faculty, recruiters, and Department Chairs to speak directly with current graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are seeking faculty positions. 

The BMES 2016 Annual Meeting MEET THE FACULTY CANDIDATE FORUM is only open to those who are actively on the market for the 2016-2017 recruiting cycle. If this does not apply to you then please submit to participate at the BMES 2017 Annual Meeting. 

Candidates submitted their CV information and were approved to present.  No onsite candidate registration will be allowed.

If you submitted an abstract you agreed to present at the Meet the Faculty Candidate Poster Session on Wednesday, Octiober 5. All candidate presenters must be BMES members in good standing and register for the full three day Meeting.